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> unsolicited wrote:
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> > As has been said before, Palm is dead. Thus threads like these are of
> > great interest for me - I know I have to choose a different platform
> > at some point. I'm not looking forward to it.
> >
> How about the "soon-to-arrive in Canada" Pre from ... Palm?
> I've seen a few examples of getting to a command line in the onboard
> WebOS - even running openVPN on the device.  Some detail here:
> http://www.webos-internals.org/wiki/Main_Page
> Package management looks like a variant of that used for OpenWRT on
> routers.
> The official dev page:
> http://developer.palm.com/index.php
> I saw VMs somewhere else, can't find them now. OK found them:
> http://developer.palm.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1585
> There's even an O'Reilly book on Pre application development.
I was a past Palm fan. Used it for many years as a PDA, then they dropped
the ball
and faded into obscurity.

This phone may be a comeback for them, but can also be a one hit wonder, if
that ...
Android and Nokia have a better shot of continuity (IMO).

The Pre seems to have some good features, but there is a serious turn off
here regarding privacy

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