[kwlug-disc] Nokia smartphone with APT!

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Sun Aug 23 18:32:08 EDT 2009

> Khalid, what are you using, currently?

I have an older HTC phone (AT&T 8525), which is either the Hermes or the
TyTN (not the TyTN II). It has a slide out keyboard which is very handy for
SMS text messages. I never got used to typing text on regular phone keypads.
This was an unlocked phone from eBay, so works with Rogers as well as
overseas with GSM.

This phone does not work with Android. The TyTN II does work though.

It runs Windows Mobile (everyone has a dirty proprietary software secret and
this is mine, having weaned myself on the desktop and server in favor of
Linux). Windows Mobile is very bad from a user interface aspect. It is still
desktop and mouse centric. It is also impossible or very hard to change
certain obvious settings (e.g. beep every few minutes when you have a missed
call pending), perhaps burined in some obscure place, but I could not find
it. The phone has a pouch which hides its indicator LED and without that I
miss incoming missed calls or texts. Very stupid, and very frustrating.

This is why I am on the lookout for what is out there. I will pass on the
iPhone and the Blackberries. Wish to go with a Linux unit this time, and the
Nokia N900 seems like a very good choice.
Khalid M. Baheyeldin
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