[kwlug-disc] Accessing memory, 64 vs 32

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If you are starting from scratch and this is a server I think that 64 bits may be better.

If for whatever reason you want to keep your 32 bits kernel you can use a kernel compiled with PAE

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>From what I have read, 32bit systems see only around 3.5 GB. For anything more, 64 bit is needed.

As for stability, I have been using the amd64 version of Ubuntu Server, and it has been extremely stable. No issues what so ever compared to 32 bits.

Even though it says "amd", this works on Intel's 64 bit CPUs.

Again, this is Ubuntu/Debian where all the stuff you install is from a homogeneous repository that was all compiled for 64 bit, and hence there should be no issues. For other distros, then story may vary depending on how/where the packages were built.

For workstations, you may want to check the status of Adobe Flash on 64 bit. There used to be issues, but they were reportedly being worked on. Not sure what the end status is. Not an issue with servers.

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>If I've got 8 gigs of ram in my webserver, do I need to install a 64bit version of linux to use that amount of Ram?  Or will the older, more stable 32 bit versions work fine with that amount of memory?
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