[kwlug-disc] log file for what happens when a debian pkg is installed?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Thu Aug 20 06:34:07 EDT 2009

On Thu, 20 Aug 2009, Robert P. J. Day wrote:

>   is there a log file that represents everything that happens when a
> debian package is installed?  as an example, i did a fresh install
> of 5.0.2 without mysql, because i wanted to see the effect of
> installing it afterwards.
>   now that the system is up and running, i checked with:
>   # apt-get --dry-run install mysql-server
> to learn that 9 packages will be installed, and that 4 more are
> suggested.  but after i do the install, is there a record of all of
> this somewhere?  thanks.

  never mind, found it:  /var/log/apt/term.log.


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