[kwlug-disc] OT: Recycling / Donating / Dumping (non-computer)

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Wed Aug 19 18:02:11 EDT 2009

These guys pick up from your doorstep"


Good cause, too.

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> unsolicited wrote:
>> Greetings. I know it's off topic, but perhaps someone knows.
>> I have a houseful of stuff to dispose of. Literally. Sorry, no 
>> computer stuff.
>> Does anyone know of a (community) list of places that accept 
>> donations / stuff to be recycled. Sort of a one document list of 
>> 'this stuff can go there', 'that stuff can go there', and so on and 
>> so forth.
>> Salvation Army is an example of something that would go on that list, 
>> but they don't take everything, and they don't pick up. I'd like to 
>> short list the number of 'vendors' that will take the stuff, from the 
>> current list of 'anybody who will take it.'
>> So, I'm looking for a list of places, not places to add to the list.
>> Similarly:
>> - anybody have a favourite 'got junk' type firm that picks up for free?
>> - anybody got a favourite 'personal contents appraiser' - we haven't 
>> a clue as to what's worth what, to know what to send to sally ann, 
>> what to send to the dump, and what to try and sell - let alone the 
>> means by which to sell it.
>> - anybody got a favourite 'auctioneer' by which we can just get rid 
>> of the house contents in one fell swoop?
>> Thanks for any ideas or suggestions, and sorry for the off-topic post.

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