[kwlug-disc] Is MS humbling down?

Charles M chaslinux at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 20:19:08 EDT 2009

> Wikipedia to the rescue! I'm wrong 123 started on DOS in x86 assembler
> language. That pretty much ties it to the IBM systems. It
> Microsoft really made headway with Word and Excel when they created
> Windows versions of those products. I'm sure their familiarity with the
> APIs gave them distinct advantage over Lotus and WordPerfect Corp who

One thing I remember from the book "Hard Drive" was a few paragraphs
in which there was a running joke around Microsoft that if Lotus 1-2-3
wasn't broke in the next version of DOS they weren't doing their jobs.
Whether it's true or not who knows... but I remember reading it in
"Hard Drive." It's an old book, but I remember that it's pretty
interesting, then again I used DOS for a number of years.

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