[kwlug-disc] Is SVN good enough?

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Fri Aug 14 14:58:32 EDT 2009

Given that the mailing list has been so quiet lately I thought I would
stir things up a bit. We have a Joomla installation that is being
customized fairly heavily. At this point it is not under source
control, which makes me antsy. 

I think our goal is to have the source in version control, and then
to track Joomla! changes while preserving our custom modifications.
This sounds a lot like what the cool distributed version control
systems do. However, getting a distributed system (I was thinking
Mercurial for the cross-platform support) might be awkward. On the
other hand, subversion is available. 

How feasible do you think SVN would be at handling this "track and
merge" process we want to do? Would we really be much better off with
one of the cool new toys?

If we go with a cool new toy, is Mercurial good enough? I know that
git is more popular with the Linux crowd, but having good native
Windows support is an asset because I want to move Windows source code
to version control as well, and using a single VCS is a lot more
appealing than using a mix. 

- Paul

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