[kwlug-disc] Is MS humbling down?

john at netdirect.ca john at netdirect.ca
Fri Aug 14 11:15:29 EDT 2009

kwlug-disc-bounces at kwlug.org wrote on 08/14/2009 08:23:17 AM:
> From: Charles M <chaslinux at gmail.com>
> Not to turn this into a Windows vs. Linux thing, but the other day I
> decided to install both on my system again. I went to restore my
> restore discs (WXP Home) and they were pooched after 2 years (never
> used them). So I "got" an XP Home OEM disc, which according to
> Microsoft's licensing is illegal, you have to get it straight from the
> manufacturer (who often wants to charge you the full price again). Six
> hours later, no joke, I had all the updates, the tools my Lenovo 3000
> C100 notebook came with, and a few open source tools (Gimp, Pidgin,
> and a few others) so Windows would match my typical Linux install.
> In just under 45 minutes I had my Ubuntu install done with all
> updates, a few extra packages like Skype, gcc, build-essentials, mc,
> filezilla, etc. For me Microsoft just isn't very viable anymore. I
> installed it because I wanted to check web sites under IE8, but I
> after all the pain it took to install, and the legal issues, is it
> really worth it?

We had the same experience year's ago except it was 8 hours and multiple 
reboots to install a Windows server but 1 hour and 1 reboot on the same 
hardware for Linux. Both server systems installed with similar services.

It is easier if you use the vendor supplied image that came with the 
notebook which includes all the drivers, but it still takes several 
reboots and longer than 45 minutes.
> FWIW I don't think they're humbling down. The code release for Hyper-V
> was in their own best interest. They've proven time and again they
> always have a hidden agenda whenever they do anything "open."

I agree, but remember almost everyone contributes to open source for their 
own reasons. IBM, Intel, HP, AMD, it's all for profit.

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