[kwlug-disc] is it just me, or is debian package management painful?

L.D. Paniak ldpaniak at fourpisolutions.com
Thu Aug 13 23:34:18 EDT 2009

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Nice work Paul!

In order to use gdebi-core on Sarge you are going to need to do some
tinkering.  There is an Etch version (just plain gdebi) you should be
able to install fairly easily:


Update your apt/sources.list file to get Etch files and just select
gdebi.  Only the necessary upgrades will be done. I seem to recall a
full upgrade of Sarge to Etch as being an xf86/xorg rated nightmare.

You can also list the dependencies of a deb package with:

 dpkg -I  package.deb |grep Depends

apt-get with the output should take care of dependencies.

Debian has only one package management system: dpkg.  Just like rpm.
The others are nice frontends.

My only problem with yum is that the packages I need don't seem to be in
any  repo.  Then I land up having to install and take care of
dependencies by hand. Very 1996.

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Aug 2009, Paul Nijjar wrote:
>>>   aptitude would work just fine if it can take, as an
>>> argument to be
>>> installed or upgraded, the name of a .deb package
>>> *file*.  if it can
>>> do that, problem solved.
>> Does this do what you want?
>> http://packages.debian.org/lenny/gdebi-core
>   apparently it does, but i hope you appreciate how this sort of backs
> up my frustration with debian pkg mgmt.  the system already has dpkg,
> dselect, apt-get and aptitude on it, but i can solve my simple problem
> by installing a *fifth* package because it does something basic that
> the first four don't.  how many package management solutions does one
> OS really need?
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