[kwlug-disc] Heuther boardroom

Cedric Puddy cedric at thinkers.org
Wed Aug 12 13:00:59 EDT 2009

I was just in there last night (for Kwartzlab*) and can report that it  
is rectangle with an approximate 1:2 aspect ratio.

You could set up a speaker on either narrow side of the room (either  
beside the door, or facing the door across the audience.

I think the room is a little too narrow for the speaker to comfortably  
be placed on the long edge of the room, though it certainly would be  
worth checking on in specifically in person.

I'm not sure what it's official capacity is -- wouldn't surprise me if  
it was ~40-50.  We were about 15 people, and had no A/C or crowding  
issue at all.  :)


* check out progress on that front at http://www.kwartzlab.ca or email join at kwartzlab.ca 
  if you haven't looking in on that lately!

On 12-Aug-09, at 12:42 PM, Richard Weait wrote:

> One thing that I noticed about the Heuther Boardroom is that we had
> the presenter at the same end of the room as the door.  This meant
> that any late arrivals had a hard time being inconspicuous when taking
> their seats.  Does anyone recall the room configuration well enough to
> say if putting the speaker in front of the windows is practical?
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