[kwlug-disc] CD burning problem

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Mon Apr 20 18:27:51 EDT 2009

Some of the downloadable disc's include a menu option for checking the 
media. If yours does it may help assure you that the disc is OK 
despite the md5 issues.

Insurance Squared Inc. wrote, On 04/20/2009 4:47 PM:
> I'm using k3b to burn a mandriva dvd iso.  I've burned it twice and both 
> times the system errors out after calculating the md5 sum.  Seems kinda 
> funny that it would fail identically twice.  I'm not worried about 
> validity of the file given I downloaded it right from Mandriva.
> Ya'll think I'm OK to go ahead and use this DVD?  It's got to be 
> something funky with the md5 sum, not the actual DVD?

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