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1. VIM text editor
Published Nominee by acant
[ http://kwlug.org/node/644 ]

Vim (Vi Improved) is an immensely popular text editor that could very
well be installed in your Linux distro. It is one of the more popular
replacements, possibly because it is as scriptable as Emacs.
Vim's primary author Bram Moolenaar releases Vim as charityware: people
who so inclined can "pay" for Vim (and encourage its further
development) by making a donation to Moolenaar's favourite charity. See
http://www.vim.org/sponsor/index.php [1] for more information. Payment
can be made in a number of ways, including PayPal.
This time VIM was nominated by William.

[1] http://www.vim.org/sponsor/index.php

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