[kwlug-disc] how to build a linux-based video image generator?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Wed Dec 31 09:13:36 EST 2008

  here's something for you video fiends to mull over -- what are my
options for building a linux-based, laptop-hosted image generator?  by
"image generator," i mean something with which i can generate (on the
external video port) tweakable WUXGA video and get really low level in
terms of features.

  at a bare minimum, it has to be WUXGA video, but does that mean i
actually need a WUXGA display?  that would definitely be my preference
but, with an adequate video card, i'm *guessing* i could purchase a
lower res display and simply work with a WUXGA virtual desktop, as
long as what comes out the video port is still legit WUXGA.  (i'd
still much prefer to get a real WUXGA display, i'm simply leaving open
the option.)

  as for the external video port, here we go -- DVI, HDMI or the newer
display port?  as long as i can drive the signal into a compatible
monitor via any of those three formats, i'm good with that, but linux
support for the display port seems iffy at best.

  then there's the ability to examine/tweak things as basic as the
refresh rate.  it would be nice to adjust the refresh rate down from
60Hz as i see fit, to test the limits on video equipment.  and there's
messing with the colour gamma, which i'm aware i can do through the

  finally, it would be most excellent to be able to adjust video
timings in terms of front and back porch, blanking times, etc.  that
might be asking a bit much, but some utility with which i can at least
*see* those values shouldn't be out of bounds.

  how much of this i can get away with clearly depends on the quality
of the video card and, despite that the closed-source aspect of it
annoys me, nvidia seems to be a pretty strong contender in being able
to support a lot of what i want.

  thoughts?  has anyone done this sort of thing?  if you know how to
do a lot of the above and are willing to put some time into it, there
could be some $$$ compensation.


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