[kwlug-disc] Mutt + Procmail (+ fetchmail)

Kyle Spaans 3lucid at gmail.com
Thu Dec 25 14:46:55 EST 2008

Alrighty! Back to business a little bit.

I'm getting more familiar with my ".procmailrc" now. I've managed to
get my few mailing lists
filtered into maildir directories with rules like:

        * ^rule: stuff at mail.list

which is working out OK. But I still don't really understand what's
invoking procmail for me? Is it the network admin on my system that
has configured sendmail to do this for me (call procmail before
delivering to my mailspool.)?

My next question is, how do you get mail messages all put into an
"mbox" format file? I tried doing so by a command like:

        | cat >> $MAILDIR/mail-list-dir/list.mbox

But mutt didn't like that too much.

Apart from that, I've figured out how to navigate between "mailboxes"
for the most part. I can use `mutt -y` to start with a list of
mailboxes, pick the top one, then use "c" (followed by "enter" since
mutt automatically completes the command with the "next" mailbox in
the list) when I'm done reading to switch to the next mailbox, until
they are all read. I think this workflow "works", but I'll have to
keep playing with it for a bit.

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