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Charles M chaslinux at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 06:51:03 EST 2008

> I liken it this way.  I tell my clients I'll charge them $1 to show them
> how to make $5.  Their response is to suggest that why don't they not
> pay me the $1 and instead I just show them how to make $4.  They don't
> always appreciate that none of it works if I don't get my $1.

I think they cite examples like this in small business books and the
solution in those is that you're probably not looking at the right
customer/market. You don't give them the solution before they give you the

Situations like this are why businesses who sell "Make money folding
envelopes at home" actually make money. I knew a young woman who wanted to
start a home business so bad she paid $80 for rubbish like this. As horrible
as it sounds, now is probably ripe for something like this with so many
people being laid off. More and more people are going to try the home
business route just out of sheer numbers.

Charles McColm
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