[kwlug-disc] OpenSource Me!

Insurance Squared Inc. gcooke at insurancesquared.com
Fri Dec 19 14:48:04 EST 2008

Speaking of the CRM that I've been hitting the list with, I'd like to 
discuss the possibility of doing this opensource.  Or maybe not.

I'm going to build a client database type of app, specific to the life 
insurance industry.  I've actually been asked to build this project 
numerous times through the years but have always declined.  There's some 
market out there for it, but there is competition as well though no real 
standard.  People are still looking for a 'good' solution. 

It'll be linux based, php/mysql and intended to run either on a 
webserver or inhouse server. 

Cons to opensource:
- my wife will look at me like I'm crazy.  I'm giving it away for free.  
I confirm that I'm an idiot, which she already suspected.
- I'm working,but not making money.  Not a bright business move. In 
fact, if I sell it I could recoup the cost of my developer.
- I lose potential revenue

Pro's to putting it up opensource.
- I don't have to support it (and support wouldn't be any fun at all 
given my market)
- I could use it to promote my existing services, gain links and 
traffic, so on. 
- I could use it to slice open my competitor's underbellies.  A couple 
of them make their bread and butter on overpriced, under serviced 
products like this. 
- it's opensource, and believe me, I owe back.

What say you?  What would you do as a business person?  If I did go GPL, 
how would I maximize and other potential benefits from doing this?

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