[kwlug-disc] Membership has privileges

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Tue Dec 16 22:38:05 EST 2008

Dear All,

Welcome to the KWLUG discussion mailing list.  Paul did a great job of
moving us all to the new server, didn't he?  Thank you, Paul.  Nice,
zippy updates now, thanks.  

There is also a kwlug web site at http://kwlug.org/  It holds our
calendar, agenda, meeting history, F/LOSS Fund history, background and
nominations...  Which brings me finally to the point of this email.  

We've managed to keep the website relatively spamfree by using draconian
methods.  Our liberal implementation of TCP/IP-FacePunch is innovative
and fun, but we also use an actual, physical handshake to create
write-access for new users.  If you register on the web site you don't
get write access right away.  One of the admins needs to add "member"
status to your username to enable you to write to the site.  

There are over a dozen admins who can do this for you.  Ask for them at
one of our meetings and they'll trip over themselves to make sure you
get set up.  Asking on this list should be good enough as well.  

So far I haven't added write-access unless somebody asked me to do it,
and "Hey, not much spam."  But it strikes me that we can make this a
little friendlier for new members.  With a dozen of us able to do this,
perhaps we can check the list of new users once a week, and delete the
spammy names, and write-enable the new users?  

Sound good admins?  

And you new users from the last few months?  Got an itch to post
something on the web sites?  Have a topic request?  Let us know your
username and we'll add your "member" status for you.  

Best regards,

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