[kwlug-disc] Firefox setup question

john at netdirect.ca john at netdirect.ca
Mon Dec 15 10:46:42 EST 2008

Is that the window manager not working or is firfoxes window getting cut off because it's off the top of the screen? 

Try holding alt and click and drag anywhere in the window. This allows a move without using the title bar. Once it's positioned right closing it properly should store the position for subsequent opens. 

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I let my kids use my laptop once (Mandriva 2009).  Now when I run 
firefox, I don't get that blue bar at the top of the screen - the one 
that lets me move the window around and has the icons to min/max/close.  
If I hit F11 for full screen, then I unmaximize, I get the blue bar 
back.  But as soon as I open Firefox again it's gone again.  Googling 
and checking firebird options gives no hits.

Firebird works, but it's MOST annoying :)


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