[kwlug-disc] anyone out there have some skill in laptop repair?

Cedric Puddy cedric at thinkers.org
Mon Dec 8 10:55:33 EST 2008

Notebook Galaxy on Weber St in Waterloo has some chops in this area --  
they can get your circuit board reflowed/baked (to deal with hard to  
find cold soldier connections), replace busted power connectors, and  
so forth.

Worth checking out if you've got something you want to try and save,  
but would rather have someone else tackle :)

	All the Best,


On 7-Dec-08, at 2:14 PM, unsolicited wrote:

> john at netdirect.ca wrote, On 12/07/2008 8:46 AM:
>> There are often manufacturer guides ...
> Agreed. Disassembly is surprisingly easy, when you go at it with the
> aid of such guides. I've used such from IBM and Dell in the past.
> Interesting.
> Even if you find you can't repair it, it's interesting and educational
> to take it apart. Which A. will have to do anyways if he's to have a
> look. You could help him out and disassemble it beforehand.
> If it is just a broken or weak joint it will be reasonably apparent
> once you disassemble it. And you'll also see if it is something
> reasonably obvious and/or repairable. Or not.
> Have fun.
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>>  i have an aging dell inspiron 9200 whose DVI video port saw so much
>> use recently (plugging and unplugging constantly) that i think it's
>> finally starting to self-destruct (just the port, not the entire
>> laptop).  anyone have some experience with perhaps repairing/ 
>> replacing
>> that sort of thing that wants to take a crack at it?  or perhaps
>> testing that it's fine and the problem is elsewhere?
>>  the laptop isn't actually used for anything meaningful other than
>> having acted as a source for a WUXGA-res video signal so, if it can't
>> even do that anymore, it's kind of useless.
>>  recommendations?
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