[kwlug-disc] anyone out there have some skill in laptop repair?

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There are often manufacturer guides to replacing internal components for laptops. If you wanted to investigate the problem one of those guides can help you get started disassembling the system. 

If you suspect physical stress is the cause it might be as simple as a broken solder joint that can be touched up. I think its a long shot since motherboards are often multilayer and the issue could be unseen or inaccessible. 

It could also be the cause of something less reparable like a failed electronic component due to static electricity. 

I've repaired one m/b manually before but generally speaking one just replaces them. An ebay purchase of another old but cheap replacement is likely a better option. 

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  i have an aging dell inspiron 9200 whose DVI video port saw so much
use recently (plugging and unplugging constantly) that i think it's
finally starting to self-destruct (just the port, not the entire
laptop).  anyone have some experience with perhaps repairing/replacing
that sort of thing that wants to take a crack at it?  or perhaps
testing that it's fine and the problem is elsewhere?

  the laptop isn't actually used for anything meaningful other than
having acted as a source for a WUXGA-res video signal so, if it can't
even do that anymore, it's kind of useless.



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