[kwlug-disc] This is the new list, same as the old list

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sun Dec 7 00:15:41 EST 2008

Okay, pilgrims. I think we are back on the road. A few notes: 

0. The subscription message you got had a lot of references to
astoria.ccjclearline.com in it. That is because I messed up. You can
get to the Mailman information page by visiting 


I will update the website to point to this new location. 

1. If you received multiple subscription messages then you were
subscribed under many different addresses. You may also have been
subscribed under an address/alias that you did not expect. If you
are having trouble fixing these issues yourself then throw me an
personal e-mail and I will see what I can do. 

2. List archives have not been moved over yet, but this will happen. 

3. I think I set most of the Mailman settings to sensible defaults,
but if you notice wonky things then let me know. I can't promise
super-fast turnaround -- look at how long it took me to get off my
lazy bottom and get this job done -- but I will do what I can. 

4. The archives are set to be public. This was the setting on the old
list. Maybe this is dumb because stupid spammers who have ruined the
Internet will see us. But making the archives private makes me uneasy
because people looking for solutions for technological problems won't
be able to find solutions from our lists either. 

5. If you were being digested on the old kwlug-disc list then you
should be digested on this one as well. But if that is not the case
and you are having trouble fixing it then -- guess -- let me know. 

I will send one final message to the old list to indicate that it is
now defunct, in case some people did not get transferred properly.
Then I will shut up for a while so you can get some sleep. 

- Paul

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