[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: ESPHome, Linux USB Persistence (Jan 2022)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Jan 8 05:33:40 EST 2022

Happy January! It looks like many of us (well, those of us who are
lucky, anyways) will be spending a lot of January at home, so maybe it
is appropriate that we kick off 2022 with another presentation related
to home automation? ESPHome is a project that makes it easy to
configure ESP32 and ESP8266 devices, which are apparently low-power,
wifi/bluetooth computers more powerful than my first desktop computer?
Tim Laurence loves these boards and finds them useful, so he uses
ESPHome to configure them so they work with his Home Assistant
install. After his presentation, maybe you will too!

Our second presentation of the evening is a kind response to a member
request. One of our KWLUGgers asked for a presentation on setting up a
USB Flash drive to boot into a Linux distro with persistence, so that
settings could be remembered across reboots. First-time presenter Cris
Waurechen bravely jumped down the rabbit hole, first exploring Mint
and then Manjaro to get a bootable USB working. In this presentation
he will share his tales of derring-do. 

As usual, we are on the lookout for upcoming presentations. Please
help us find some. We are booking for February and later. 

There have been a few people who have contacted us via the website
looking for help in getting Linux working on assorted devices. If you
would be interested in helping people 1-1 please contact me. 

With that, here's the meeting URL:


We will start the meeting around 7pm. 

- Paul

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