[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: GamerOS, Voting Systems (Sept 2020)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Sep 12 01:25:23 EDT 2020

The URL for this month's meeting is
https://webconference.kwlug.org/room/kwlug . There is no passcode.

(Also, of this writing the website is down, but hopefully it will be
up again soon. Our gracious webhost has had to do some emergency
upgrades, and kwlug.org was a casualty.)

Well, summer is over, and that means it is back to school (whatever
that means) or back to work (whatever that means) for many of us. It
is time for us to put our collective heads down and concentrate and
get stuff done. So naturally this month's KWLUG meeting is about fun

If you are looking to slack off at work or ruin your grades at school,
is there anything better than video games? Alesh Slovak thinks so,
which is why he has put together a Linux distro specifically for
gaming. Wait, what? It's 2020 and people are still making Linux
distros? Isn't there Steam now? The answers to these questions are
"yes", and "yes", and Alesh will use Sonic the Hedgehog to explain to
us why this all makes sense. 

Okay, so maybe you have immense self control and don't like video
games. How about another fun distraction, like democracy? Democracy is
a fun distraction where politicians pretend to care what we think and
we pretend that what we think makes a difference to the systems of
power. Democracy often involves voting, and if there is one topic that
(so, so many) tech nerds consider a fun distraction, it's voting.
Enter Mikalai Birukou. The issues of voting and democracy have
personal significance for him, and recently he has been working on
schemes to make electronic voting safe and secure. This topic has
already generated a lot of interest and traffic on the kwlug-disc
mailing list, so I am guessing it will also be a lively presentation. 

Our meeting will begin at 7pm.

In other news: next month's meeting will consist of an open
roundtable/Q&A session. If you have topics or questions you would like
us to discuss for the meeting, send them along to me
(paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca). 

As always, we are looking for presentations for upcoming months (I
believe December and onwards). If you have something to present, or
know somebody who might be interested in presenting, contact us. 

That's all I've got. Hope to see you Monday evening.

- Paul
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