[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday, 7pm: Synchronizing Email (July 2016)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Jul 2 00:18:18 EDT 2016

As happens from time to time during the summer months, the first
Monday of the month is not always a holiday.  While our American
friends are celebrating their independence, we get to trudge off to
our regular daily activities. Thank goodness we have a meeting Monday
to celebrate summer and distract us from our troubles. 

This month, Chris Irwin will celebrate his independence from having
mail stuck in a single location. He went on a quest to synchronize his
mail, calendars and contacts across devices. He ended up using an
alphabet stew of utilities and libraries: mutt, notmuch, Khard, Khal,
Todoman, iSync/MBsync, vdirsyncer, git, CalDav-sync, CardDav-sync,
OpenTasks, Baikal and DavMail. You might remember that Chris presented
a pair of talks on btrfs that were amazing, so I have lots of hopes
that this will be an excellent presentation.

For August, we have supposedly scheduled a smorgasboard of small
presentations. But as often happens when people clamour for small
talks, few people are willing to present! So we have several spaces
for 10-20 minute talks available. If you should like to offer a quick
demo or talk about some neat FLOSSy thing, next month is your chance.
Please email me offlist and we can arrange details.

Also on the topic of presentations, Colin Mills is following up his
successful Linux Fest with a second offering, which is tentatively
scheduled for Jan 28, 2017. He has put out a call for presentations,
and if you would like to offer something get in touch with him by
emailing kwlinuxfest at gmail.com.

Do you know any systems administrators you would like to appreciate?
Maybe you are a sysadmin yourself in need of appreciation? Once again
Bob Jonkman would like to help you out. To commemorate Sysadmin Day
(http://sysadminday.com/) he usually arranges for sysadmins and those
who appreciate them to gather and eat egg rolls. I have heard rumours
that he is organizing something for July 29, but I am not sure of the
details. You can contact him for further information, or contact me
and I will relay your interest to him. 

Our summer meeting location is exactly the same as our winter one: 

St John's Kitchen
97 Victoria Street North
(at Weber) 

See http://kwlug.org/sjk for maps and photos of the location.

The meeting starts at 7pm. Set up starts around 6:30pm, and I always
appreciate setup help.

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