[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday, 7pm: XBMC

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Fri Sep 5 20:14:18 EDT 2014

It's September, which means that (this week's weather notwithstanding)
summer is over, which means that it is time to stay inside and not
venture outside again until June or July, which means that it is time
for another XBMC presentation, which will probably be the last
presentation on XBMC at KWLUG ever. 

Being a highly efficient person, Adam Glauser is interested in
consuming his entertainment while expending as few joules as possible
(which explains why he is an avid cyclist and hiker?). So instead of
walking up to his XMBC-enabled television and twiddling with the
rabbit ears to change the channel, he has programmed an amazing device
called a remote control, and some of his presentation will focus on
how you too can get remote controls working with XBMC. If there is
time (and there should be time) Adam will also discuss getting online
services such as Netflix working, and answer whatever questions you
might have. His presentation will begin at 7pm, after introductions.

In other news, Software Freedom Day is a thing now, and you are
invited! It will be held on Saturday, Sept 20 from 10am-4pm at The
Working Centre on Queen Street. There are lots and lots of activities

- Presentations on Making A Living with FLOSS, Open Access Publishing,
  Open Data at the City of Kitchener and Region of Waterloo,
  RawTherapee, and Inkscape. 
- Workshops on Learning to Program with Scratch and Privacy and
  Security Tools.
- A Film Festival of CC-licensed and public domain works
- An installfest and "build your own Linux machine", where we are
  making computers available for cheap ($20 with monitor, $0 without)
  and helping people install a free software distribution on them.

See http://kwlug.org/sfd for more information. We could also use more
helpers, both to help prepare for the event and on the day. In
particular, there has been a lot of interest in the Installfest, so if
you can contribute a few hours of time to helping people install free
software it would be greatly appreciated. Contact me if you are
interested in helping out, and contact sfd at kwlug.org if you are
interested in preregistering for activities. 

It looks like the people at CIGI are on an internet governance kick,
and they are running several events this month which may be of
interest to KWLUG members: 

- On Tuesday, Sept 9, CIGI is holding a talk on "The Global War for
  Internet Governance" with Laura DeNardis:

- On Tuesday, Sept 23, CIGI is screening "We Steal Secrets: The Story
  of Wikileaks" : 

Visit the links to sign up for these events.

And that's it for this exciting episode of Meeting Announcement. As
usual, our meeting will be held here: 

St John's Kitchen
97 Victoria Street North
(at Victoria and Weber)

There is parking at the Worth a Second Look parking lot, and bicycle
parking along the side of the building. For more information, see

The doors open around 6:30pm, and setup helpers are always welcome.
The official meeting starts around 7pm. 

- Paul
Join us for Software Freedom Day on Sept 20: http://kwlug.org/sfd

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