[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Mind Mapping, Virtualization

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Fri Aug 9 21:48:51 EDT 2013

This month's presentations will be beginner-friendly.

It's August, and the living is languid. Many user groups (but not us!)
have taken the summer off. The festivals are making their circuits;
people are taking their vacations, and those of us at work are not
getting much done. (oops. Did I just incriminate myself?) People are
relaxing and laying back. 

Meanwhile, Raul Suarez has a lot on his mind. He likes to lighten his
summer load by mapping and organizing his thoughts, and he uses mind
mapping software to do so. In this presentation he will use FreeMind
(and possibly other tools) so that you can free your mind too.

During the hot summer months, Jim Kelsh likes to chill, but it is
difficult to keep your cool sitting in a roomful of computers blowing
hot air. Jim has consolidated his operating systems: first converting
his Windows 7 laptop installation into a virtual hard disk, and then
running that virtualized installation on Ubuntu. He will take us
through those steps in his talk. 

It feels way too early to start organizing fall events, but September
is approaching quickly, and with it comes Software Freedom Day, which
is officially being held on September 21 and perhaps unofficially on
September 28. KWLUG has helped organize Software Freedom Day events
for the past several years, and it would be nice to do so again -- but
in order to make it happen, we need volunteers. There is work to be
done in organizing the day (talks, installfests, and maybe other
events like BBQs), doing publicity to reach out to people who may not
know much about Free Software, offering talks and presentations, and
lots more. Can you help out? If so, please contact
sfd at theworkingcentre.org . 

... and that's it for this month's lackadaisical installment of
"Remind everybody of the KWLUG meeting this month." We will hold this
meeting at our usual location: 

St John's Kitchen
97 Victoria Street North
(corner of Victoria and Weber)

The meeting starts at 7pm. The doors open at around 6:30pm. Setup
volunteers are always welcome. There is motorized vehicle parking in
the thrift store parking lot, and non-motorized vehicle parking along
the building. 

- Paul

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