[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Firebug, Clutter, LVM

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Mar 5 04:24:37 EST 2011

What? A story? I don't think so. It's well past your bedtime, kiddo. 

Fine. One story and then you go to bed. Deal? Deal.

Once upon a time there were three KWLUGors. Their names were Isidore,
Martha and Florian, and although they were friends they fought a lot,
because they were interested in different things. Isidore was a 
sysadmin freak, Martha a mobile developer and Florian a webhead.
Sometimes two of them would get enthusiastic about a topic -- Martha
and Florian enthused about January's Ruby on Rails presentation, for
instance -- but often they disagreed about which KWLUG meeting was the

Then they attended the March 2011 presentation, and found that there
was something that suited each of them: Isidore got to learn from Tim
Laurence's presentation the Linux Volume Manager -- a set of tools
that allows you to easily grow and shrink partition sizes on live
Linux systems. Martha looked forward to Darcy Casselman's presentation
on Clutter, the graphical toolkit library that makes it easy to create
dynamic interfaces for smartphones, netbooks and desktop systems.
And Florian found himself engrossed by John van Ostrand's demonstration of
Firebug, an amazing website debugging tool that makes figuring out webpage
design and rendering issues a lot easier. 

Having found topics that appealed to each of then, Florian, Martha and
Isidore didn't have to fight as much, and also they attended some
pretty fine presentations. The end.

There. Now go to sleep.

Hey! Pulling the covers over your head and reading programming manuals
is not the same as going to sleep. Now sleep before I give your
allowance to the LibreOffice Funding Challenge. The LibreOffice
project -- a fork/spinoff from OpenOffice.org not under Oracle's
control -- held a challenge (http://challenge.documentfoundation.org/)
to fundraise 50,000 Euros in 33 days so they could establish The
Document Foundation in Germany. By popular demand, KWLUG chose this
product as its March FLOSS Fund nominee, and even though the Document
Foundation met its funding goal in eight days, they are still
collecting funds to cover development, infrastructure and operating
costs.  I am sure they would appreciate your allowance to help them
keep LibreOffice strong -- and don't think this is an idle threat. I
happen to know exactly where to find the KWLUG meeting and FLOSS Fund

St John's Kitchen
97 Victoria Street North
(at the corner of Victoria and Weber)

What? Now you want to go to the meeting? Well, okay. But if you want
to be attentive from 7 to 9pm on Monday, you'll need your rest. 
Good night and sweet dreams.

- Paul


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