[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: XBMC Home Entertainment System

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Oct 2 16:45:15 EDT 2010

Oh. Winter again[0]. Cold days. No exercise. Too much candy and carbs.
Why fight it? Let's just sit in front of our home entertainment
systems and get fat. Yes, this month's KWLUG presentation is about
My... wait a minute. It's not about MythTV at all. It turns out there
are many other home media entertainment options out there, and this
month Adam Glauser (who stays fit and trim despite winter) will tell
us about one of them: XBMC . Adam will show us how to install and
configure the system, how to make it work with content from the
Internet, and even how to make it work with MythTV. Adam has Big Plans
to make his presentation a Multimedia Extravaganza, and if we can
figure out how to hook up the cables then maybe it will be. This fun
will start at around 7pm.

Good news: we have a FLOSS Fund nominee for this month. It is called
"davmail", and it is a survival tool for those of us trapped behind
oppressive proprietary mail systems. davmail is a gateway that turns
the proprietary protocols spoken by Microsoft Exchange to standards
used by the rest of the world. You can read about it at
http://davmail.sourceforge.net , and you can participate in this
month's donation either at the meeting or by getting in touch with me,
so that I can hook you up with the shadowy XBMC-configuring cabal. 

Bad news: we are going to be out of FLOSS Fund nominees in December,
so your suggestions and nominations are still welcome. We could also
use more presentation requests and offers, particularly for some
shorter presentations we will hold in March.

In other news, the shadowy Waterloo Region Drupal User's group wants
you to know about Toronto DrupalCamp, happening October 15 and 16 in
Toronto: http://2010.drupalcamptoronto.org/

There are lots of these neat events happening (such as the SoOnCon
happening in Waterloo RIGHT NOW) but I dropped the ball in announcing
them last month. If you have special tech events to announce then send
me a note and I will see about including them in these e-mails.

Okay. That's it. Here is where we meet: 

St John's Kitchen
97 Victoria St N
(at the corner of Victoria and Weber) 

You can park your cars and couches in the thrift store parking lot,
and your bikes alongside the wall at the entrance. Maps and photos are
on the website. 

- Paul

[0] "Autumn" is a myth perpetuated by the mainstream media and our
shadowy robotic overlords. 

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