[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Programming for Linux

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Aug 7 17:56:03 EDT 2010

Oh my. It's August already. There's only five months left to get
through our New Years resolutions! I'm sure that you have been making
good progress on them already -- you're saving money and eating right
and exercising and spending more time with your loved ones -- but no
doubt there's that one resolution that's sticking out like a sore
thumb, the same resolution you have been making year after year since
1998: getting started with programming on Linux. Will yet another year
race by without you fulfilling the dream? You don't want to be lying
on your deathbed filled with regrets. 

Well, this year can be different, and Raul Suarez is here to help.
This month's KWLUG presentation is all about tools and environments
that are available for Linux, and how to get started with their use.

Raul says that it is not an introduction to programming itself
(although there will be some codeless programming and desktop
automation tools), but rather an overview and practical comparison of
the tools that are out there and the resources available to learn
them. He will also have DVDs filled with development goodies on hand to 
distribute and burn. Although it might be a little late for me to
write this now, Raul says that you should invite friends who are
interested in development to the presentation. 

Even if you are already doing some Linux development, you
might well pick up a few new tools from this presentation, which will
start at 7pm (after our introductory announcements, I guess.) 

If donating some money to the OSU Open Source Lab was also on your New
Year's resolution list, then I have good news for you. The OSU OSL is
the FLOSS Fund nominee for August. Among other things, the Open Source
Labs provide hosting and infrastructure for CentOS, the Apache
project, Drupal, Gentoo, kernel.org, MeeGo, OpenClipArt, Xiph.org and
a lot of other projects you probably use. If you would like to
contribute to the donation but can't make the meeting then get in
touch and we can make arrangements. 

This month's meeting will be held in our new usual space (which in
fact we have been using since January...):

St Johns Kitchen
97 Victoria Street North
(at the corner of Weber and Victoria) 

There are maps and photos on our creaky website. Car and reindeer
parking is available in the Worth A Second Look thrift store parking
lot; bike parking is available along the side of the building. If you
would like to help set up the space it would be much appreciated;
we will start setting up around 6:15pm. 

- Paul


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