[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Regular Expressions

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Feb 27 20:47:34 EST 2010

NOTE: This meeting will be held at St. John's Kitchen. See
http://kwlug.org/node/709 for directions. 

You know how it goes. Instead of getting your meeting announcement
done you're chasing samsara, surfing through singles ads and source
code, when this line hits you like a curling rock to the gut: 

1,$s/\(\p\+\) \(\S\+@\S\+)/<\2> "\1"/cg

A few minutes later you get pummelled by 

re.search(r"\d{2}/\w{3}/\d{4}", l)

or maybe 


"Toto," you say. "I don't think we're on match.com anymore." Or so you
think. Once you start spending time with scripting languages like Perl
or Python, command-line utilities like grep, or even text editors like
vim, you'll find yourself running into such expressions regularly.
They are a valuable tool, and at this month's KWLUG meeting master
matchmaker John van Ostrand will reveal their mysteries. This
presentation will start at 7pm. 

This month's FLOSS Fund nominee is the OpenBSD project. Although this
is not strictly a Linux project, OpenBSD has probably made significant
contributions to your distribution. In addition to OpenSSH, OpenBSD
also conducts code audits that help make all kinds of software
components more secure. If you would like to contribute to this
month's nominee but cannot make the meeting, contact me and we can
make arrangements. 

In certification news, John van Ostrand is looking to make a few more
matches -- he is looking for people interested in writing Linux
Professional Institute (LPI) certifications. If he gets enough
interest, he will arrange for an examination date to be held locally.
You can find out more about the LPI certifications here: 


If you are interested you can contact me or talk with John directly:
john at the domain netdirect.ca . 

This meeting will again be held at St John's Kitchen: 

St John's Kitchen
97 Victoria Street North
(at the corner of Victoria and Weber)

There are helpful pictures, somewhat helpful maps and parking
information on the KWLUG website: http://kwlug.org/node/709 . Once
again we will have to lock the doors by 7:20pm or so, but if you come
later there will be a doorbell to ring and/or a cellphone number to

- Paul


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