[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: LaTeX (NOTE new location)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Fri Jan 1 20:46:12 EST 2010

NOTE: This month's meeting will be held at St. John's Kitchen in
Kitchener. There are some important details you need to know about
this location, so please look at the location information at the
bottom of this e-mail. 

It looks like our meeting locations will be in flux over the next few
months, so be sure to check where each meeting will be held (either on
the website or in these announcements). 

You'll certainly will want to have the right location information in
mind this month, because January's meeting is all about the pleasures
of LaTeX. Specifically, LaTeX is a "word processing programming
language". It allows you to write your documents using structural
markup, but permits you to fine-tune typesetting precisely when
required. Its ability to typeset complicated mathematics effectively
made LaTeX a big hit in the physics, computer science and mathematics
academic communities, but it has since been extended in many ways. You
can now use LaTeX to typeset chess games, KWLUG presentation slides,
crossword puzzles, and many other kinds of documents. Kyle Spaans
will show us some of the basics and help us discover its richness. 

Also at the meeting we will be spending some time introducing another
possible home for KWLUG: First United Church. 

This month's FLOSS Fund candidate is Project Gutenberg, which has been 
providing e-books of public domain texts for 39 years now. They have 
released over 2 million free (as in freedom) e-books that are used 
around the world. See http://www.gutenberg.org for more information. 
If you would like to contribute but can't make the meeting, please
contact me and we'll make connections. 

In other news, Rob Day may be teaching the following course in SUSE Linux 
Enterprise 11 Administration in March: 
He is gathering prospective students now. If your corporation is looking
for Linux training, contact Rob via his website at http://crashcourse.ca . 

As you may have noticed, Raul Suarez has been blogging on the KWLUG
website about the different aspects of his remote connections
presentation last month. Check it out on kwlug.org . 

If you are new to Twitter (or other microblogging services like identi.ca) 
and would like to learn how to use it effectively, you might be interested
in a workshop being held on January 23. For more information and to RSVP, 
see http://ideastransform.ning.com/events/practically-speaking-using . 

John Kerr is putting together a physical newsletter about Linux and
Free Software. He hopes to distribute these to coffee shops, dentists
offices, and other places where people might pick them up and become
interested in Linux. If you would like to participate in this effort,
contact John at his rogers.com address, username jkerr0102 . 

Location Information

This month's meeting will be held at St John' Kitchen in Kitchener: 

St John's Kitchen
97 Victoria Street N
(at the corner of Weber and Victoria) 

There are some maps and photos (which show the proper side entrance to
use) here: http://kwlug.org/node/709

Doors will open around 6:30pm or so. 

As I mentioned before, for security reasons we have to lock
the doors at about 7:15pm. However, if you come later you will still
be able to enter: there will be a sign on the door with a phone
number you can call. There should also be a working doorbell -- it is
better to use that than to skip the meeting, but because of the
disruption calling the phone number is preferable. 

There are a small number of parking spots (the parking for the Worth a
Second Look thrift store, which is in the same building). There is
also a pay lot diagonally across the intersection at the VIA rail

There is plenty of bicycle parking onsite, if you are brave/insane
enough to cycle in January. 

The GRT bus #18 stops at Victoria and Weber, and the site is not too
far (maybe 10-15 minutes walking) from Victoria and King (which is
serviced by the #7) or even the Kitchener transit terminal. 

If you have any other questions about the location please e-mail me. 

- Paul

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