[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Remote Access (plus webcast)

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Dec 5 00:29:39 EST 2009

It's that season again: the Happiest Time of the Year! Sleigh-bells in
the snow, stop lights blinking a bright red and green, crippling
consumer debt, drunken altercations with family members, forced smiles
at phony parties, and the music -- everywhere the music! Factor in the
infected hordes this year, and it makes me want to stay home and hide.

Fortunately, isolation need not equate to loneliness: you can connect
to your work network, access remote computers as if you were at the
keyboard, or even chat with distant friends from halfway across the
globe. This month, Raul Suarez will show us how to do all this and
more, providing an end-user approach to SSH, NX, VNC, OpenMeetings and
other remote connection technologies. Well after the Happiest Time of
the Year is nothing more than a (possibly traumatic) memory, these
tools will prove invaluable. You know that awesome Linux computer
you're setting up for Gramps this year? Who do you think Gramps will
call in February when something has gone wrong? The tools described in
this month's meeting will make remote troubleshooting and diagnosis a

This presentation will begin at 7pm at the Heuther. But what if you
can't make it? What if you are in Whitehorse or Fredericton? This
month, Raul has set up a special webcast just for you! Just follow the
instructions on the SUPER BONUS INSTRUCTIONS at the bottom of this

While you are waiting out the Happiest Time of the Year, why not learn
something about autotools? This month's FLOSS Fund nominee is named
Diego E. Petton, aka "flameeyes". He is an autotools guru.  Autotools
is usually behind those "configure" scripts you run when installing
programs from source; "flameeyes" has done good work in writing
autotools scripts and in documenting what he's learned so you can use
autotools too (see http://www.flameeyes.eu/autotools-mythbuster/ ).
This month we are honouring him with our contributions to the FLOSS

In local news, Ralph Janke would like you to know that a brand new
Ununty LoCo group has sprung into existence. A LoCo is a regional
group of Ubuntu enthusiasts who (according to
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoTeams) help "advocate, promote, translate,
develop, and otherwise improve Ubuntu". The Waterloo Region LoCo
already has 11 members, all of whom would be thrilled if you got
involved. See https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-waterloo-region for
more information. 

As usual, our meeting will be held at the Heuther Hotel in Waterloo; 

Boardroom (3rd floor)
Heuther Hotel
59 King St North 
(at Princess St)

There be maps and parking tips on the webpage. 

- Paul (whose heart is three sizes too small) 


Here are Raul's instructions for getting connected to his webcast on
Monday. If you want to get in touch contact rarsa at yahoo.com :


I will do a webcast of Monday's KWLUG meeting.

Of course I will be live at the Heuther hotel but if you cannot make
it to the meeting you can join us virtually by going to the following


All you need is a browser with flash player and functional audio on
your computer. Earphones are optional but due to my "slight" accent
I'd recommend them.

I want to see you all there, but I'm secretly hoping that at least a
couple of people can join remotely.

Here are the instructions:

1. Go to the web site
2. Enter the credentials
User: kwlug
pass: kwlug
3. On the first page click the "Start" button
4. On the second page click the "Enter" button
5. On the Mic and camera test setup window just click "Start Conference"
6. On the top right it will show you two buttons, click on the "Start Client (HTTP)
7. At that point you will should see my desktop and hear my voice.

I'll try to bring the server up 1/2 hour before the meeting.

Disclaimer, If there are issues with the webcast I won't have time to
fix them during the presentation. Unfortunately I will have to
continue with the presentation to be able to cover all the material.
Sometimes exiting the meeting and going in again fixes issues with the

Please send me any questions.

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