[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Ethical SEO

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Aug 9 19:22:42 EDT 2008

Let's face it: none of us wants to be unpopular. No matter how
defiantly we proclaim otherwise, something inside of us cries out when
our coworkers stuff us into lockers, make fun of our fashion sense
and steal our favourite 20-sided dice. 

The Internet was supposed to make this better. Finally, the nerds
would have their day! Alas, discovering that you are result 32672 of
32677 in Google searches doesn't feel very good either -- especially
when the jocks get their links listed on the first page. Is there any
way for you to raise the rank of your search results? Of course --
there's an entire industry devoted to this task, called Search Engine
Optimization (aka SEO). But SEO has a reputation for being... skeezy.
Is there a way for you to raise the rank of your search results
without feeling dirty afterwards? Glenn Cooke will share some of the
techniques he uses to keep his pageranking high. This presentation
starts at 7:00pm. 

In FLOSS Fund news, last month we donated 30 Euros ($65 CAD?) to the
Drupal Foundation. This month's FLOSS Fund nominee is Quanta Plus, a
fully-featured web development platform. You can learn more about
Quanta Plus at http://quanta.kdewebdev.org/ . If you would like to
be part of the KWLUG donation but cannot make the meeting, please
contact secret cabal member Andrew at acant at alumni.uwaterloo.ca . 

Of course, no meeting reminder would be complete without a plug for
the Ontario Linux Fest. A little birdy tells me that the festival is
still looking for sponsors and volunteers to help make this year's
conference a success. If you can help, chirp up by e-mailing Richard at
richard at weait.com . 

As usual (for now) the meeting will be held at The Working Centre:

The Working Centre
43 Queen Street South
(Between King and Charles Streets)

There is free Segway parking in the back lot after 6pm, and free bike
parking in the back bike rack always. The Working Centre is also very
close to the Kitchener Transit Terminal. 

- Paul

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