[kwlug-announce] Meeting Monday: Demo Room

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Feb 2 00:27:37 EST 2008

Picture it: you've spent months coding up your groundbreaking Linux
open-source application that's going to earn you a million-kajillion
dollars. There's only one problem: you're so groundbreaking that
nobody understands quite what your application does or how it is
useful until they see it live. How do you wow a room full of movers
and shakers? 

Ten years ago, you would have put together a slideshow presentation
with some animations or maybe even movie clips.

Five years ago, you would have booted up a computer and given them a
demo (rehearsing it carefully so it was interesting and not boring,

And now? Now you handout laptops with your demo on it and let the
audience play. In this month's meeting, Lori Paniak will demonstrate
how. Using techniques perfected at last year's Ontario Linux Fest,
he will show you how to set up demo laptops quickly and efficiently.
Then he will show you how to switch demos within 10 minutes so the
next presenters can show off *their* demos. This meta-tutorial is
intended to be newbie-friendly, and will begin at 7pm. 

Sadly, we have no formal activities planned for 6pm, but the doors
should open around then so folks can chat all things Linux. 

Last month KWLUG donated $87 to the wxwidgets project. This month's
FLOSS Fund nominee is coreboot (formerly LinuxBIOS), a project
intended to create an open-source BIOS free of proprietary firmware.
It is also designed to be fast, portable, and rely on no moving
You can find out more at http://coreboot.org . 

As usual, we will hold our meeting at The Working Centre: 

43 Queen Street South 
Between King and Charles Streets

There's free car parking in the back lot after 6pm, free dogsled
parking in the bike racks always, and a big old bus terminal only a
block away. 

- Paul

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