Floss Fund Nominees

This is the list of FLOSS Fund Nominees. [derived from the FLOSS Fund Draft and earlier nomination schemes.]

LUG members start the process by submitting information about projects they would like to consider for a contribution. Here is the required information:

* The name of the project, and its URL
* A short description of what makes this project cool, and why it is worth supporting.
* Contact information for the project developers.
* The form of contributions the project accepts (money, T-shirts, pizza, etc.) and the means by which we can make contributions.

The submitted projects go into a pool and are given a score. Part of the score comes from the LUG: for example, if we feature this software in a LUG meeting, the score for that project goes up. Another part of the score comes from voting by LUG members.

Each month, we pick the project with the highest score and collectively show our appreciation for that project.


In light of the Heartbleed bug, Darcy Casselman would like to nominate OpenSSL for the FLOSS Fund. He writes:

So according to this article, the OpenSSL Foundation gets about $2000/year
in outright donations, mostly in small amounts.




Given the nature of the people that attend the KWLUG, there is a high likelyhood that most of us have more than one distribution and/or disk partition to play with in the same hard drive.

GParted is a free disk partition editor that allows creating, deleting, rezising and moving partions.

It enables you to reorganize your disk partitions while preserving the contents of these partitions.

It is one of those rare Graphical tools that provide as much flexibility and power as their command line counterparts, reducing the anxiety associated with mesing up with your data.

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