2012-11: Archlinux


R. Brent Clements presents Arch Linux, a lightweight and flexible GNU/Linux distribution. Video uploaded by Chamunks Arkturus.

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Chris Irwin presents btrfs


Chris Irwin presents btrfs
Apr 14, 2015 kwlug-2015-04-15-btrfs
Jul 7, 2015 kwlug-2015-07-06-btrfs-again
For more info, see: and

2011-12: PFSense 2.0 Overview and Demo


Kiwi Ssennyonjo presents PFSense 2.0, a firewall distribution. Video uploaded by Chamunks Arkturus.

Video link:

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2011-07: Clutter


Darcy Casselman presents Clutter, a user interface library.

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Meeting page

Privacy and Security Slides

Here are Sarah Harvey's slides from her November 2013 presentation.

(Also the KWLUG logo)

Software Freedom Day poster

This is a dummy post to upload the Software Freedom Day poster.

April 2013 video and slides

Tim Laurence's presentation on LDAP was both well-received and well-documented.

Here are the slides of the talk in ODP format.

Here is a tarball containing the slides above, and configuration snippets from his presentation.

The Raspberry Pi revitalized my inner geek

As a single guy (AKA geek) just out of school, I tried to keep up on all the cool and upcoming tech. Over the past 15 years, I got married, had a kid, had several different roles at work and pursued a few different hobbies which steered me away from a lot of the fun I used to have with technology. I kept up enough to be proficient at work and to be the go-to tech guy of friends and family but I didn't have the drive or time to experiment as much.

Video editing using ffmpeg and ImageMagick

Sometimes, you want to edit multiple videos in a similar way. For that, I've found that the best way is to create a script that you can run consistently on those videos and get a consistent ouptut. For example, recordings from a conference or a day by day video log of your family vacation.

I have created some scripts using ffmpeg and ImageMagick for my some of my videos, saving me hours in the process.

The main advantages I've found are:

  • Consistency: I don't have to remember what I did to a video. It is all in the script

Linux literacy course

(Apologies to those who have seen me plug this for the 15th time)

I am involved with running a course on "Linux and Free Software Literacy". The course starts at 7pm on Tuesday, October 18. It will be held in downtown Kitchener.

If you are interested in participating, there is still room in the course. Visit the KW FreeSkool site for more information.

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