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Xen - Ross Chevalier, Ontario Linux Fest 2007

I've uploaded Ross Chevalier's, CTO of Novell Canada, talk at Ontario Linux Fest on Xen virtualization to

Presentation topic suggestion From DV Cam to DVD

Using a combination of open source software you can go from your digital video camera to a DVD, complete with titles, fading between scenes, and a variety of video and audio effects.

Ian F. Darwin, OpenMoko at Ontario Linux Fest 2007

I've uploaded the talk Ian F. Darwin gave on OpenMoko and the FIC Neo1973 phone at Ontario Linux Fest 2007 to The video can be found here:

Angela Byron, Women In Open Source - Ontario Linux Fest

I finally finished downloading and editing the talk given by Angela Byron on Women In Open Source at Ontario Linux Fest. The video is rather large, 928MB, but a high quality MPEG2.

Download it at

Most of LUG Library

At I've posted most of the books in the KWLUG Library that I have over in Computer Recycling at 66 Queen Street South. This list does not include books kept over at 43 Queen Street where we hold our meetings. There's at least one other box of books at 43 Queen Street.

KWLUG - new venue considerations...

I've been informed that the cafe at 43 Queen Street will now be staying open until 9:00PM. I can already hear a couple of people cheering, but not so fast... this also means more noise. At a meeting a few months back I had to have a chat with a couple of people left over from another meeting about the noise level at the front of the cafe (and I was sitting fairly close to the speaker). Noise could be a problem if the cafe stays open.

Skype on Fedora Core 6

Found a good site that points out how to set up skype for Fedora Core 6. I also had to download compat-libstdc++-33 to get it installed. Still having problems getting skype to recognize any voice recording. Double checked the microphone and no luck...

Someone to work on a Freedom Toaster...

One of the projects that I wanted to see up and running at The Working Centre is a Freedom Toaster. If you haven't heard about the Freedom Toaster project before it's worth checking out at:

The Working Centre's Computer Recycling Project is almost set to open up again, we've been building shelves in our new space and sorting through the thousands of parts. When we are open it would be nice if people could just drop in with their own blank CDs and burn their own copy of whatever Linux distribution they want using the freedom toaster.

Linux ambassadors on web site

Does anyone think it might be helpful to have a few profiles/ambassadors on the web site to introduce newcomers to the LUG? People could then put a face to the club when they first attend a meeting... just an idea.

Job Posting (2)

Job Posting

Computer Recycling
Project Developer/Marketer

Full-time Temporary
Job Creation Partnership Project **
Funded through Service Canada

March 26, 2007 (40 weeks)
$423 per week

The Working Centre’s Computer Recycling project has moved to a new location and is expanding its outreach to local businesses to encourage the recycling and refurbishing of used computers.

This project will expand the quality and number of refurbished computers made available to people living on a limited income.

The Project Developer/Marketer position will:

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