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Heuther Hotel pix and maps

Thanks to John Kerr for providing these. You are a rockstar!

Photo of Heuther Hotel

Map of Heuther Hotel

58 Queen Street pix


I am trying to upload information about 58 Queen Street. Here is a picture!

Here is a map!

43 Queen Street Pix


I am trying to update the meeting location page. Here is a picture!

43 Queen St. S Photo

Here is a map!

43 Queen St. Map

Notification email details

I couldn't figure out how to configure the Notification module to send out better subject headings, so I changed the module code. The file to change is in modules/notify/notify.module .

Content notifications title


This blog entry is intended to trigger a notification.

If you are one of the 11 people who signed up for notifications independently you may notice some problems. Unfortunately I am a terrible programmer, so I think the code I hacked to make the notification e-mail subject threadable has lots of bugs.

RMS and Stroustrup to speak at UW


The Computer Science Club at the University of Waterloo is hosting two very big names in the computer science world next month:

- On Friday July 6 at 4:30pm, Richard M. Stallman (founder of the Free Software Foundation) will be speaking about "Copyright vs. Community in the Age of Computer Networks"

- On Tuesday July 17 at 7:00pm, Bjarne Stroustrup (creator of C++) will be speaking about "C++0x -- An Overview"

Both talks are being held in Room 116 of the Arts Lecture Hall at the University of Waterloo. Admission is free as in beer, I believe.

Nefarious Plan


If all goes well (?) people on the mailing list will see this post even if they never have visited the website in their lives. This increases the potential for spam, but it adds a level of communication that has been missing since the days of kwlug-forums.

Fail part 3


Are my tag sets going to bother being consistent now?

I bet they won't!

Fail, again

Why doesn't hitting the cron page send me an update?

I fail the test


I am breaking the site again. When you come to the site and cannot read this, you will know who to blame.

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