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KWLUG Meeting: Monday, December 3 2012, 7pm

As we all know, the problem with Free Software is that it is free.
Sure, Free Software is liberated, so that we can study it and share it
and improve it. And sure, Free Software is accessible, so that people
all over the world can take advantage of it regardless of their status
and income level. Free Software is a great deal for those of us who
consume it. But for twenty-odd years now, we have been struggling with
the question of how anybody makes money in a world where you take the
product of millions of hours of labour and gives it away for no money.

Monday, 3 December 2012
Presentation Topic

Panel Discussion: Earning a Living with FLOSS

This month's consists of a panel discussion about earning a living with Free and Open Source Software (FLOSS). All of our panellists use FLOSS in their jobs -- some of them exclusively. The panellists will discuss topics including: how they got involved with FLOSS, how they got employment relating to FLOSS, the prospects and challenges of work in the field, and advice for others who are interested in FLOSS-related employment. The night's panellists include:
  • Khalid Baheyeldin, who has 25 years of software development experience and has been working with the Drupal content management system since 2003. Khalid is the founder of 2bits, which focuses on Drupal development and site optimization.
  • Andrew Berry, who is also a Drupal developer. Andrew has worked as a freelance Drupal consultant, and is now employed by Lullabot.
  • Fernando Duran, who has over 15 years experience in the field of network and computer security. Fernando currently works for I Think Security, based in Waterloo.
  • Joe Wennechuk, who started his career as a factory worker and transitioned to the world of IT and then to FLOSS. Joe currently works with the FLOSS Electronic Medical Records system OSCAR EMR at PryLynx Corporation.
  • Andrew Cant, a software developer who works for SugarCRM, a company that develops open source customer relationship management software.

KWLUG Meeting: Monday, November 5 2012, 7pm

Aren't you sick and tired of Linux being so easy to use and install? You live-boot a CD, run through a nice graphical installer and -- poof! -- Linux is installed on your desktop or notebook or toaster, and there are never ever any problems. If you are one of the teeming hordes who wish you could relive 1998, boy does Brent Clements have the presentation for you. Brent spent his summer vacation playing with ArchLinux, a distro that is user-friendly in a different way.

Monday, 5 November 2012
Presentation Topic

Arch Linux

R. Brent Clements will introduce us to Arch Linux, a lightweight and flexible Linux distribution.

Colin kindly posted this presentation to Youtube.


KWLUG Meeting: October 1 2012, 7pm

Monday, 1 October 2012
Presentation Topic

Clang and LLVM

Behan Webster will share his experiences using the LLVM and its Clang frontend for compiling C, C++ and Objective-C targets. Behan uses this compiler suite in his embedded development work.


Software Freedom Day: Saturday, Sept 22 2012

Saturday, 22 September 2012
Presentation Topic

Software Freedom Day 2012

Note: this event will be held from 10am-4pm.

Software Freedom Day is an invitation to shape the future of our
digital world. Rather than being overwhelmed and controlled by the
many issues of our computerized age, the free software movement
harnesses the creativity of citizens worldwide. Free software treats
software -- the code that runs computers, cellphones, and other
technological devices -- as abundant, not scarce.
We are encouraged to use this abundance, learn from
it, and share our contributions with others. Although it sounds like


KWLUG Meeting: Monday, September 10 2012

Monday, 10 September 2012
Presentation Topic

Bazaar + Outsider's Drupal Overview

Adam Glauser will show us the use of Bazaar, a distributed version control system used extensively by the Ubuntu project.

Paul Nijjar will give a somewhat-nontechnical outsider's view of his experiences with the Drupal version control system.

UPDATE: Here are the slides for Paul's talk: PDF, LaTeX Beamer sources

FLOSS Fund Nominee: JQuery


KWLUG Meeting: Monday, August 13 2012

Monday, 13 August 2012
Presentation Topic

Social Night at the Rum Runner Pub

Join us as we engage in free-ranging discussion. Maybe there will be tech demos too.

NOTE: This event will be held at the Rum Runner Pub in Kitchener. There is no admission charge, but the hosts ask that all attendees purchase something to eat and/or drink at the pub.

Here is a picture of the pub sign:


KWLUG Meeting: Monday, July 9 2012

Monday, 9 July 2012
Presentation Topic

Customizing Android

A number of KWLUG members will discuss topics related to the customization of Android phones:

- Making your phone run more smoothly
- Trying new firmware
- Beta-testing mods


KWLUG Meeting: Monday, June 4 2012

Monday, 4 June 2012
Presentation Topic

OpenLayers, IPv6

Ralph Janke will demonstrate a use of the OpenLayers library that does not involve maps.

Jeff Voskamp will tell us about IPv6, an update to venerable IP addressing that we should all have known by now.


KWLUG Meeting: Monday, May 7 2012

Note: The April 2012 meeting on the GIMP has been rescheduled to May.

Monday, 7 May 2012
Presentation Topic

Image Editing with the GIMP (x2)

Julie Dey will demonstrate some techniques and "how I did this" stories with the GIMP, a powerful photo manipulation tool.

Raul Suarez will then give a second presentation on other aspects of GIMP usage.


KWLUG Meeting: April 2 2012

Note: The April 2012 meeting on the GIMP has been rescheduled to May.

Monday, 2 April 2012
Presentation Topic

Appgen, Ubuntu TV

William Park will show off AppGen, which is Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) software for UNIX. He will demonstrate the look and feel of this ERP implementation, and show how it can be used as a reference for future ERP development.

Darcy Casselman will show off Ubuntu TV, Ubuntu's cloud-connected entry into the PVR market.

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